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манга "Kirara Princess"

Ветер: Тема посвящена манге "Kirara Princess", повествующей о японской школьнице, странствующей по мирам Диснеевских Принцесс. ЖЖ: http://community.livejournal.com/kiraraprincess/

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Ветер: 1-я глава на английском. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1M5GVB1W Знакомство с главной героиней и её спутниками, похищение лучшей подруги, перевоплощение и Дверь-в-другой-мир. Спецагенты в шляпах вам хартлесов не напоминают?! А ещё - разговор на берегу моря. Отсылка к завязке КН или просто манга-штамп? Так или иначе, в этой главе диснеевского немного (но есть), и во второй главе читателей ждёт Мир Белоснежки.

Ветер: Вот список анимешных и диснеевксих героев, входящих в мангу: Kilala Reno (れのきらら Reno Kirara?) The heroine of the story, Kilala is a cheerful and energetic teenage girl who is a big fan of Disney characters, especially the Disney Princesses. Kilala hopes to become like them someday, but her clumsy and spunky attitude puts her very behind. She is in a different place from her parents, and wishes to meet them again someday. Her best friend is Erica and her pet is Tippe. She newly holds the power of the princesses after awakening Rei. She is enthusiastic about the world she is traveling in, but cares much more about her best friend's well-being. Kilala has things in common with otaku, a Japanese term for anyone who is obsessed with entertainment, or in Kilala's case, Disney works. Although this obsession seems useless in the real world, it comes to her aid in travelling in the Disney world. Although never stated, It is hinted that Kilala could be the Seventh Princess, since she is seen to be able to use the tiara. Halfway through the series, Kilala experiences a hair style change thanks to her mother. Her hair is thinner and longer, contrasting to her thick hair before. Kilala's three curls are looser, and the braids at the back are replaced with red beads. Rei (レイ?) The male protagonist of the story, Rei is a stubborn, headstrong, but well-intentioned prince who has come to Kilala's town to search for the princess of his country (Paradiso (パラディソス Paradisosu?, Paradeisos/Παράδεισος)). Kilala tried to kiss him because she first found him asleep, and to her embarrassment, Rei remembers that event quite clearly. Kilala later finds out he's a prince. And the two fall in love with each other. Later on in the story, Rei must go back to Paradiso and gives Kilala the tiara of the seventh princess. Tippe (ティッピ Tippi?) Kilala's pet female Flying Mouse. Tippe is pink and has a ribbon on her back. In Volume 2, Tippe talks and it surprises Kilala and Rei. Valdou (バルドー Barudō?) Rei's bodyguard, and is also searching for the Legendary Princess along with Rei. Valdou is later an antagonist revealed wanting to rule Paridiso with his humanoids. Erica (エリカ Erika?) A supporting character to the story, Erica is Kilala's best friend and a model student in her school. Erika is very friendly, cute, and kind, she is very much like a princess. After she is crowned princess at the 'Princess Contest', she is kidnapped by two cloaked men (later revealed to be humanoids) and it is up to Kilala and her newfound companions to retrieve her. Soon after Kilala and Rei's adventure in Snow White's world, the duo find Erica, but she's behaving quite abnormally and even tries to steal the tiara of the seventh princess because the men hypnotized Erica to steal the tiara for them.In volume 2, It is revealed that she is not the seventh princess. Sylphy Princess of Floradiso and Kilala's love rival.She claims to be Rei's fiancee.She's also the opposite of Kilala Disney Princesses 6 accomplished, well-mannered, and beautiful princesses from famous Disney works, are Kilala's idols because of her wishes of finding a Prince Charming and living in a life of luxury. These princesses are Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, and Jasmine. Minor characters Kilala's Parents Kenta A guy who harbors a crush on Erica. Kenta even went to The Annual Princess After-party. He and Kilala sometimes make fun of each other. It is possible that he is dating Erica. The Seven Dwarfs The Wicked Queen Flounder Sebastian Prince Eric King Triton Spot Ursula Flotsam and Jetsam Gus and Jaq Lady Tremaine Anastasia and Drizella Tinker Bell Beast Gaston Lumière Mrs. Potts Cogsworth Chip LeFou Footstool Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather Maleficent Aladdin Abu Genie Magic Carpet Jafar Iago The Sultan -Ура, там есть Бист! Эта и другая инфа размещена на странице Википедии, посвященной КР. Официальный японский диснеевский сайт

Линда Кайе: Кстати, а почему Kilala? Я так поняла, девочка - японка, Кирара вроде бы вполне существующее имя. Плюс, раз слово японское, то Л там быть не может по определению ^^'

Ветер: Линда Кайе Может, потому что так больше американцам понравилось? "Кирара" и для русского уха звучит немного грубо, скорее больше подходит какому-нубудь афро-персорнажу. Да и есть уже у диснея Принцесса с похожим именем - Киара, дочка Симбы.

Линда Кайе: Ветер пишет: Может, потому что так больше американцам понравилось? Возможно ^^ После того как реального гонщика Кеичи Цучию обозвали Джоном, я мало чему удивляюсь, но всёже бывает иногда ^^ Ветер пишет: подходит какому-нубудь афро-персорнажу Афро персонаж - это KR ^_^ Ветер пишет: Да и есть уже у диснея Принцесса с похожим именем - Киара, дочка Симбы. Эээээ... Не видела ещё ^^ Но вот как раз отсутствие одной Р в корне меняет звучание ^^

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